Lefty Apple Fans, Prepare to Support the Koch Brothers


Right-wing billionaire brothers to buy Apple iPhone supplier – what is a liberal to do?

This week Apple launched the new iPhone 5 which will hit stores on September 18. However, the debut was overshadowed by the news that Koch Industries are to buy the electronics company Molex for $7.2 billion – a company that is one of Apple’s component suppliers.Such a move is a slap in the face for liberal Apple fans who will now be faced with the dilemma of filling the pockets of “left-wing hate objects” if they choose to buy their favorite Apple product, The Daily Beast reported.Koch Industries, the giant conglomerate, owned by brothers Charles and David Koch, is known for dabbling in everything from oil to manufacturing to paper towels, and using their sky-high profits to directly fund projects for the sole purpose of engaging in “relentless political combat.”“They have deployed their cash in campaigns against global warming, against renewable energy, against Obamacare, against President Obama and congressional Democrats and against all sorts of progress. If liberals and progressives like it, it’s a good bet the Koch brothers are against it,” The Daily Beast’s Daniel Gross writes.Molex specifically is a company which specializes in vital devices like connectors, antennas and switches with many of its components found in Apple iPhone products. According to the Wall Street Journal, sales to Apple accounted for 14 percent of Molex’s $3.62 billion in revenue for the fiscal year ending June 30.While the deal is unlikely to affect Molex employees or customers, it is likely to cause some ethical anguish particularly amongst those Apple-loving liberals opposed to Koch Industries and everything the conglomerate stands for politically. Read more

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