NYPD Chief Kelly To Go To JPMorgan?


NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly who put in place racially abusive police practices like ‘stop and frisk’ and who worked closed with Wall Street to protect the interests of big finance rather than the constitutional rights of OWS, is now negotiating a job with JPMorgan. Kelly denies he is in negotiations, since that would be illegal, but the article below goes into detail about his likely seven figure salary and the areas he would be focusing on as the head of security for JPMorgan. The relationship between the megabank, which has recently admitted serious wrong-doing and is negotiating to pay the largest fine in history, with the NYPD during Kelly’s tenure was very friendly. Indeed, the bank donated $4.6 million to NYPD. Kelly has in the past worked for the Wall Street firm, Bears Stearns, which failed in the 2008 economic collapse and was bought by JPMorgan at 7% of its value two days before the sale. The sale was funded by more than $50 billion in loans from the NY Fed to JPMorgan.

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