NH Rebellion, Statewide March For Money Out Of Politics


Activist Lawrence Lessig is leading a group of demonstrators bundled up against the cold, asking Americans to challenge candidates in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election with one big question: “How will you end the system of corruption in DC?” Lessig’s initial goal is to reach only a few thousand people in New Hampshire, because the state’s early presidential primary gives its citizens an early and powerful influence on the candidates. As he told the Nashua (NH) Telegraph, “The only way we’re ever going to get fundamental reform is if we can inspire presidential candidates to make this a central – maybe the central issue – that they want to talk about.” What’s more, as he asked in a recent tweet, “Can the public have a seat at the table without paying the campaign-contribution tax?” One answer would be to demand public financing of campaigns that eliminates the undue influence of deep-pocketed corporate players and the super wealthy whose donations are often made in secret.

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