Exxon’s Donations and Ties to American Geophysical Union Are Larger and Deeper Than Previously Recognized


Donations tied to Exxon have totaled more than $600,000 since 2001, and a former Exxon vice president sits on the AGU’s board of directors. By Phil McKenna, Zahra Hirji, Lisa Song The board of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) sparked a protest among member scientists when it announced last month that it would keep accepting money from ExxonMobil amid new revelations the oil giant misled the public on climate science. At issue was the company’s sponsorship of a $35,000 student breakfast at its annual conference. What AGU president Margaret Leinen did not discuss when announcing the decision was Exxon’s other, longtime financial support and close ties to the world’s largest organization of earth scientists. See Also: AGU Will Accept Exxon Money, Despite Scientists’ Protest Science Museums Cutting Financial Ties to Fossil Fuel Industry Scientists Urge American Geophysical Union to Cut Ties With Exxon Over Climate Denial read more


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